we combine the art of design thinking with psychology and nutrition to create programs that transform your lifestyle.

DISCOVER YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE. The one that will prevent major health problems, reverse current ones and get you to look/ feel good for life!  

To achieve your health goals permanently, your lifestyle must transform to a new one. We call this transformation process “The Journey”. Our main focus is on designing your personal Journey and taking you through it. We work with clients who have struggled with weight loss, binge-eating or who developed pre-diabetes.

But how are we different?

We obsess over what works and avoid what doesn’t work. If you are here, chances are you are familiar with what doesn’t work, which is listed below in our “What Not To Do” list:

  • Make unrealistic promises (lose 10 lbs in 1 week).

  • Blame you for not following our diet or losing weight.

  • Speaking of diets: Hand out diets.

  • Make you eat very low calorie which leaves you hungry and stressed.

  • Shame your past or unhealthy eating.

  • Force you to eat the same foods over and over again.

  • Tell you to never eat “unhealthy” foods you love.

  • Judge you in any way.

  • Give up on you or call you a hopeless case.

  • Prolong the process so we can keep you around for long.

We can tell you all about what works, but we have found it more effective to show you. For a limited time, meet with us for a free appointment and receive a free analysis of your current lifestyle as well as an honest opinion of how our programs can help you.

Not sure? here is what our clients have to say (THESE ARE REVIEWS ABOUT US TAKEN FROM OUR GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE)!

Marina T Jun 28, 2018

Mohamed is a great teacher who both matches your pace and challenges you to make wiser choices. I was made aware that you do not simply start eating a certain way, the work starts with gaining a deeper understanding of where your current food habits stem from. In the end, it is up to us to make ourselves in whatever we want to be, but attending sessions at Redesign Nutrition Consulting definitely provided me with some useful tools/techniques that make this 'remodeling' task less daunting.

Desana R May 31, 2018

RNC has been unbelievably helpful to me! My health has improved immensely, and the guidance I have received and knowledge I have gained will take me far! Thank you!!

Shahrose SFeb 21, 2018

Mohmed is an excellent, very well informed and motivational dietitian. I am really happy that I chose him to be the guide for my weight and nutrition goals. He is very professional, helpful, very welcoming from the very first day. He checks in with me between sessions to see how the plan is working out and what my motivational levels are and if I have any concerns that I want to discuss. He responds very quickly to any correspondence and sends in meal plans and updates on the meal plans very quickly as well. I highly recommend him to any one who wants to achieve their body goals and nutrition goals and sustain it long term.

Yasmine AFeb 20, 2018

If you don't know what the benefits of having a dietitian in your life are - This is the place to start! I was deliberating on taking this step for soooo long before I picked Redesign Nutrition (thanks to the reviews here!) It really is such a fantastic organization and Mohamed is the best person to put your health worries in. He is so caring & sincere towards his clients and is really passionate about what he does. He definitely knows his stuff, takes a genuine interest in your needs and will build a program that is completely based around you and your lifestyle. He also has the most flexible appointment times I've ever seen (that even the busiest person can fit into their schedule) I am still a current client and looking forward to continuing to work with Redesign.

Kiran DFeb 20, 2018

Redesign Nutrition Consulting is an A+ business. Mohamed Rezk is truly great at what he does. He's knowledgeable and passionate about his work but also truly cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond to be available for any questions, even when you're not in a session with him. He provides meal plans and feedback in a timely fashion and is very professional. I should also add- he goes beyond the food. He goes into what causes us all to have cravings, how mental processes and habits cause us to eat and truly deals with the root causes of why we eat the way we do and how we can have healthier bodies, but also healthier minds. I would highly recommend him.

Jose MFeb 20, 2018

Mohamed's knowledge of both the physiological and psychological aspects of healthy nutrition is invaluable. From personal experience, the nutritional plan he proposed not only is working really well but is easy to follow and doesn't make me feel overly deprived. On top of that our sessions are really helpful to discuss all the aspects of the process of fixing my nutritional habits.


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