Journey 1: The QUEST for the perfect lifestyle

Designed specifically for yo-yo dieters and those who struggled with weight loss and body image. Diets fail, lifestyles succeed. This Journey is all about discovering your ideal lifestyle. The one that will help get you to your normal weight, empower you to feel and look great, prevent any chronic conditions, tremendously improve your quality of life and help you stay clear of today’s diet traps. You will not spend another cent on diets again after you go through this journey.

Journey 2: Overcoming Binge-eating

Binge-eating is a monster, there is no denying it. It disempowers you by removing any sense of control from you. The result is a steady draining of your confidence, happiness and self-esteem. You live your nightmare as you wreck havoc on your body. This Journey is designed to show you how you can overcome this monster and restore order in your life. You will also lose any weight that needs to be lost!


Did you know that everyone diagnosed with prediabetes has the option and power to reverse it within 3 months? If ignored you will almost definitely progress to diabetes. Living with diabetes can greatly reduce your quality of life and drastically increases your risk of kidney disease, nerve and eye damage while doubling your risk of stroke and heart disease. We designed a Journey to show you how to prevent this problem from happening in 3 months or less. RNC is proud to have a 100% success record with pre-diabetes. We have managed to help 100% of our pre-diabetic clients reverse their condition.