Is Your Metabolism Broken?

Have you ever tried to lose weight and your body wouldn’t shed a pound? Or perhaps you reached a point of plateau that seems impossible to break.

The metabolism plays a massive role in weight control. That is because it is your body’s energy burning machine. It burns energy. Fat is stored energy. Therefore your metabolism can incinerate your fat. But what if your metabolism is broken or diminished? It’s possible. What we are currently doing and what we have done in the past can make a big difference in how optimal our metabolism is.

What is a broken metabolism?

A broken metabolism is the case when your body is burning way less than it has been used to in the past. For example, instead of burning 2,000 calories per day when you were in a more optimal state, a broken metabolism will burn 1300. Therefore weight gain is easier and weight loss is way more difficult in the second scenario.

How does our metabolism break?

The #1 way we break our metabolism is by going on FAD diets that massively restrict our energy intake. We are tricked into thinking this will help us lose weight. However, it only causes the body to lower its energy needs (metabolism). The result is a broken metabolism.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The worst case scenario is a high body fat with a low metabolism. Weight gain will start increasing exponentially if nutrition is not properly controlled. However, although it takes longer to fix, it is still fixable. The best time to fix your metabolism is right now. Take our metabolism assessment quiz to find out how your measure up.