The Positive Side To Being Overweight

Photo by  sydney Rae  on  Unsplash

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

You might be wondering what can possibly be positive about being overweight. If you are "overweight" and happy with your body then I completely respect that, chances are you wouldn't even call yourself overweight. I wanted to write this article for the many people, like myself, who “easily gain weight” and refer to themselves as "unlucky" or "genetically overweight". Do you have friends who can go through Nutella jars and still look skinny and lean? So do I. I'm going to use a set of our principles to explain to you why you’re better off gaining weight when eating unhealthy.


Principle 1: Weight gain is not the problem

Weight gain is not the problem, its an outcome to the problem (which is your lifestyle). Look at the positive side: How would you feel if you had a serious disease but no symptoms? You wouldn’t be able to treat it. If you experience the smallest symptoms whenever you have a disease, you will do your best to treat it. Weight gain is a symptom to the problem that is the state of your lifestyle. 


Principle 2: Treat the Problem not the Symptoms

Those who live an unhealthy lifestyle but don’t gain weight are "asymptomatic". This is unfortunate because they don’t realize they are brewing up problems within their body in the long run. It is very possible for a person with a normal body weight to have a ton of health issues because of their lifestyle. I have seen normal-weight clients who suffered from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks etc and the one thing they always say is: “I don’t understand why this happened, I was never overweight”


Principle 3: Live a Healthy Lifestyle and the Weight Will Follow

Gaining weight is your body’s natural way of saying, “hey, watch out, you’re walking a dangerous path”. Don’t be embarrassed of it, embrace it and use it to pay attention to the real problem: your lifestyle. Once you live a healthier lifestyle, your body will settle at a healthy weight. Treat your lifestyle, not your weight. 


So if you are overweight & positive, you will see it as a wake up call, develop a healthier lifestyle and end up living a better life down the road. Enjoy the process of reaching your goal.

And if you are the type that barely gains weight no matter what you eat, remember that: "Nutrition can prevent what medicine cannot cure" ;). Everyone needs to live a healthy lifestyle! Start today.

To a better you.

Mohamed Rezk, RD

Mohamed Rezk

Mohamed is an experienced and passionate Registered Dietitian who founded RNC in 2015 and is part of Cleveland Clinic Canada's team of experts working in the Executive Health Program. His expertise lies in designing the appropriate environment where his clients can transform their lifestyle and become better versions of themselves. Mohamed believes that the first step to growing in all areas of your life is building a lifestyle that is healthy for your mind and body. His programs has helped many people lose weight permanently and experience tremendous growth in their careers, relationships and quality of life.