My Top Advice For Weight Loss

Recently I had a conversation with a busy executive about weight loss that got me thinking how backwards our approach to being healthy and losing weight is. They asked me if I could write them a diet that can help them lose weight. I've had this request and conversation countless times but for some reason this one stuck with me. Here is how it went:

Executive: Can you write me a diet that will help me lose weight?

Me: Have you been on any diet before?

Executive: Yes. I've been on a few. 

Me: Did they work for you?

Executive: Yes, I lost weight.

Me: Did you gain weight again?

Executive: Yes I gained more actually.

Me: So they didn't work for you so well then, or else you would have kept the weight off.

Executive: I guess so. 

Me: If they worked for you in the past, why not go on them again?

Executive: Good question. I guess I need something different.

Me: Why weren't you able to stick to any of them long term?

Executive: I got busy with life. My work is very demanding.

Me: Ok. Would you say you prioritized your work over your lifestyle/health then?

Executive: Yes, I guess I did.

Me: Ok. Let's say you have a list of priorities that sometimes changes. Do you think your lifestyle belongs to that list along with your career and other goals? 

Executive: I never thought about that but that's what I was doing I guess. 

Me: If you remove your lifestyle and weight loss goals from your priority list, that will work for you more than any other diet. 

Unfortunately we tend to prioritize our lifestyle/health and place it on the same goal list as career, personal life, social life etc. We forget that our lifestyle is not meant to be prioritized. It is meant to help us succeed by taking care of the one thing that will achieve all our goals: US. The best thing you can do for yourself is understanding that your lifestyle is a constant, working in the background to help you achieve your goals. The best time to work on it is now, not in the new year or next month when your work is less busy. Because if you fall in that trap, you will always be looking for the next diet and lose sight of the #1 solution: lifestyle is a constant. 

So my advice for you today, learn more about how to see your lifestyle as a constant and not a priority on a list. Wether you are aware or not, your lifestyle is actually a constant, you will always have one, it's just that it can either be low or high quality. The choice is yours. 

To a better you.

Mohamed Rezk, RD

Mohamed Rezk

Mohamed is an experienced and passionate Registered Dietitian who founded RNC in 2015 and is part of Cleveland Clinic Canada's team of experts working in the Executive Health Program. His expertise lies in designing the appropriate environment where his clients can transform their lifestyle and become better versions of themselves. Mohamed believes that the first step to growing in all areas of your life is building a lifestyle that is healthy for your mind and body. His programs has helped many people lose weight permanently and experience tremendous growth in their careers, relationships and quality of life.