Meet RNC's Founder

Mohamed is a Toronto-based Registered Dietitian and educator who strives to help people discover those small, daily changes that can lead to permanent weight loss, happiness and a lifestyle that makes reaching their goals inevitable.

Mohamed is also part of Cleveland Clinic Canada's team of healthcare professionals working in the Executive Health Program. He enjoys presenting and has delivered engaging presentations in many corporations. On his free time, Mohamed coaches kids in Water Polo and runs a young entrepreneurship development program for high school teenagers. 

Mohamed received his degrees in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Waterloo and Applied Human Nutrition & Dietetics from Mount Saint Vincent University. He is a licensed Registered Dietitian and a former personal trainer & Water Polo athlete.  

Your story was once mine too

The Beginning

Again? That was the one word that occupied my mind every time I stepped on the scale and saw an increase after I dropped some weight. It was becoming so unpredictable that I didn’t want to think about it anymore. So I would bury the idea of losing weight and forget about it. Then there were times where I felt like I had to do something about it, so I would obsess about it. At these times I would come across a diet that promised results and would dive into it only to fall off a few weeks later. In a span of 2 years I had tried almost everything that promised to work. What I found out at the end shocked me and changed my worldview.

Ten years ago I tried most diets you could think of. They were all different but the same cycle was becoming obvious. I would lose weight, get happy and excited, start to plateau then all of a sudden I would gain the weight again. One of my lowest points came after a specific diet got me to drop a few lbs (at the expense of feeling very low energy) only for my weight to start increasing again 3 weeks into it, I relapsed to what I did when I wasn’t dieting and gained triple the weight back in a span of 3 weeks. I worked really hard for 3 weeks only to end up weighing more than I started. I felt defeated and hopeless, “this is one problem I will never solve” I thought. Weight loss wasn’t for me. Perhaps my genetics had already decided my fate for me. I largely blamed my environment at the time (I grew up in Egypt) and settled that my weight was out of my control. That was my conclusion.

From Bad to Worse

When I moved to Canada my life changed, but I actually started to gain more weight. I had no clue how to cook or eat and found myself frequently ordering in for dinners, buying frozen dinners, binging at night because of my massive cravings. It was a recipe for disaster and my weight started going up faster than ever.

Luckily for me I was in a completely different environment. I stopped blaming everything around me because everything around me was now different! How could it be that 2 totally different environments are to blame for my health? I found out that the common factor was myself. So I blamed myself, and that was painful, but what came after was a massive transformation.

So, What Happened?

My transformation didn’t start with a weight loss or exercise program. As I reflect about it right now, I can tell you that I did not know what was happening to me at the time. I was going through some changes without knowing it. I did not know that my mindset was changing. I did not even decide or plan to change my mindset. I did not expect what the future brought me. I only did one specific thing.

I committed to myself mentally that I would never give up. I said it to myself and I acted like it. It wasn’t even weight loss, career or any other goal related. It was a general commitment to myself. Saying it to myself started it, while measuring my actions up to it is what led me to where I am today. What happened in between was a roller-coaster ride of a massive thirst for nutrition and behavioural change knowledge, a disconnection of emotions from eating and a strong capacity to problem solve any obstacles I faced. In less than 3 months I shifted my mindset and put my nutrition on auto-pilot. It became the easiest thing to do. I was just going through life and the results kept coming. I started feeling amazing and my body followed. Any weight I lost was kept off. I reinvented myself, reframed how I see nutrition and changed my body the way I wanted. I still ate burgers, pizzas and cheesecakes but I wasn’t afraid of weight gain because I never gained it back again.

Ten years ago, I had zero plans of being in the best shape of my life helping others transform their bodies and lives. Now I want to share my recipe with people who shared my pain. The concepts and rules I learned will shock you when I teach it to you. Your “aha” moments will come naturally and your worldview will also change. 

Mohamed Rezk, 

Registered Dietitian & Founder of RNC


Our philosophy revolves around one simple concept: Never give up. We never give up on our clients or purpose.


We have a team of mixed talent led by RNC’s founder and Registered Dietitian Mohamed Rezk. We bring different tools and skills to the table but the one thing we all share is our commitment to helping our clients succeed and become the best version of themselves. 


Our purpose is to help women break free of the dieting-binging cycle and help them lose weight in the process.