The Ultimate Sacrifice You Must Make to Reach your Goals


Sorry if you thought the title refers to nutrition and fitness goals, truth is the title of this post applies to reaching every  goal you have in life. Before we continue, accept my apologies for being brutally honest in this article but truth is we often worry too much about the now and make the mistake of letting it affect our future goals. Don’t get me wrong, the now is important. But if how you act now is not on the same page as who you want to be in the future, then you need to sit down and rethink your priorities.

I am talking to every person out there who is too shy to go to the gym because they are overweight, to those who are afraid of failing and especially those who gives in to excessively drinking alcohol with their friends when they are trying hard to lose that last bit of fat. It can also be the struggling individual with a sweet tooth but also a strong desire for losing weight, or the self-deceived person who wants to live long enough to watch their children grow but won’t give up smoking. Lets not also forget those of us who lie and cheat for short term pleasure and end up affecting our long term goals with loved ones. In each and every one of us you will find some form of this struggle.

For you to achieve any goal you MUST be willing to sacrifice who you are now for who you want to become tomorrow. I will give you a moment to let this sink in………You need to sacrifice who you are now for who you want to become! That means letting go of the fear of being judged in the gym, letting go of the fear of failing, letting go of the fear of not looking “cool” enough in front of your friends.  We tend to hold on and worry about things that will not matter to us in the long run at the expense of what we really want to achieve.

Once you accept that you need to sacrifice who you are now for who you want to become then all you need to do is implement what you already know, which is basically to keep on fighting. I have heard this in a speech before and it has stuck in my mind since: “the winner and the loser have both failed, the difference is that the winner gets up and does it all over again”. Every single time you fail, coupled with your desire to succeed, will bring you one step closer to success. Do not be afraid to fail, embrace it instead. Now take this and apply it to your health and wellness goals. Act like who you want to become! Trust me on this: down the road when you become what you want to be, you will smile at the wonderful journey that got you there, but first you must get there. I am still doing it, so can you! Let us do it together.

“Working towards a goal is difficult to start, easy during the process and beautiful in the end” Mohamed Rezk, RD

Written By: Mohamed Rezk, RD

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