Lose 2 Pounds by Next Weekend

It’s the end of the week which means 2 things. Firstly, we try and forget all the negativity, stress and

failures of the past week. Secondly, we get to plan for next week and learn from last week’s experiences

(this was my attempt to paint a picture of “growth”). What if you make it a goal to lose 2 pounds (roughly 1

kg) by this coming Friday? Sweet deal right? All you have to do is follow those 7 daily changes, only 1

change per day that is all! Printing off this list will help.


Day 1: Have this breakfast

Replace your breakfast (or start having one) with this tasty and filling meal: 1 whole egg + 2-4 egg whites

omelet made with 1 tomato, spinach, mushrooms and pepper. 1/2 – 1 cup of whole rolled oatmeal with 1

Tbsp hemp or ground flaxseeds.


Day 2: Drink up

Buy green or oolong tea packets and leave them at work. Have one in the morning with breakfast, one

between breakfast and lunch and a third in the afternoon. Bonus: have a fourth when you get home!


Day 3: Have a grapefruit!

Grapefruits are awesome for weight loss. Cut a grapefruit in half and have half of it as a morning snack

with some nuts or yogurt. Keep the second half for next day’s snack. Just don’t mix grapefruit with

Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (Tylenol).


Day 4: Cut out junk food

Starting day 4 cut out your junk food completely. Have this for lunch instead: salad (made of liberal

amounts of vegetables) add 1/2 – 1 cup quinoa or couscous add 1 cut up chicken breast add 1 Tbsp roasted

pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Season with paprika, pepper, lime and 1 Tbsp olive oil.


Day 5: Revamp your lunch hour

Split your lunch hour into 40 and 20 minutes. Spend 40 minutes completing any form of exercise and this

can be anything such as going to a nearby gym, running, cycling, completing push ups and squats in the

office. As long as you get moving and push your heart rate up a bit. Spend the last 20 minutes eating your

lunch and relaxing.


Day 6: More sleep? Yes please

Skip your midnight snack by sleeping early. Try and get your 7-8 hours of sleep. As soon as dinner is done

minimize all lights and turn off electronics. That means no TV, phones, laptops or anything that begins

with an “i”. Your body will start realizing its time to sleep and secrete the sleep hormone. More rest, more

calories burnt and no midnight snack!


Day 7: Celebrate like a caveman!

I don’t mean dress like the Flintstones but you definitely could (please post a picture). Celebrate the end of

the week by barbecuing. Grilling is a great way to cook and helps melt the fat off most meats. Try grilling

chicken breasts or top sirloin steaks. Marinate a day before in plain yogurt, lime, cut up onion, spices,

rosemary and basil. You can also grill sweet potatoes and vegetables in aluminum foil as side dishes!

But of course if you can make most of those changes by day 1 then you will be a champion 🙂

Don’t forget to record your weight before and after!

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