How to Positively Re-Direct your Morning Through Nutrition!


Having a good start to your morning is key in dictating your mood and productivity for the rest of the day. From a scientific point of view, mornings should be filled with happy hormones that will brighten your mood, allow you to think positive, interact with people positively and be as productive as you can. The good news is, we can easily re-direct our mornings with the right strategies. Here is how we ensure we have the most positive of days:

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough uninterrupted sleep will reset your body and clear it from high levels of stress hormones. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep. Women tend to need more sleep than men. Keep in mind that oversleeping will actually result in a more tired you.

Get Some Sunshine

Make sure you are letting the sun in! If you are wondering why sunny days make you happier it is because our bodies produce high levels of Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D helps combat stress, depression and improves immunity. If there is no sunshine, take 1,000 I.U pill of vitamin D first thing in the morning.

Drink Anywhere between 750 ml to 1 liter of Water

This might sound like a lot of water to you but that is because most people are chronically dehydrated. Their stomachs might not be able to handle that much because they have pushed their bodies to adapt to low hydration. Truth is, drinking 2-3 cups of water in the morning will make you feel amazing! Not only does it kick-start your metabolism but it also wakes you up. Drink it before breakfast!

Balance Your Breakfast

Balance your breakfast with good fats, proteins, complex carbs and a fruit. More and more people are shifting towards smoothies. We personally recommend high protein smoothies. Try our favorite quick and nutritious smoothie recipe. But if you feel like sitting down and eating a breakfast then try our high protein Greek yogurt parfait. Breakfast is most beneficial within an hour of waking up.


Meditation is extremely important in leading a positive lifestyle. Write up some motivating quotes and hang them in your room. Make sure you take a moment to breathe, reflect and read them daily. This will help lower your stress hormones. Some of our our own motivational quotes are:

  • “Impatience kills the most beautiful and rewarding of plans.” – Mohamed Rezk, RD

  • “Quitting has degrees, the worst being on others and yourself.” – Mohamed Rezk, RD

Written by: Mohamed Rezk, RD

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