GROUND BREAKING RESEARCH: Vegetables May Cause Weight Gain!


Recent groundbreaking research has suggested that combinations of certain “unhealthy foods” can reverse their effects and result in quick fat loss.

With more research showing that high vegetable consumption can result in weight gain; it comes as no surprise that eliminating some vegetables and replacing them with super food combinations can help with fat loss.

Twinkies dipped with Nutella

The combination of high trans fat cream and sugar from Nutella puts the body in a fat burning mode (April, 2016). “That is because the body works in overdrive to get rid of the excess calories and in turn burns too many calories resulting in weight loss” Says Jonathan Cranky, self proclaimed nutritionist.

Chocolate bars with coke

Eating chocolate on its own can result in weight gain. Pairing it with a soda will help wash away the excess calories and helps dissolve the sugars (Fools et al, 2015). Make sure you have them within 3 seconds of each other. A lot of health freaks have been blending them into a smoothie.

If you are going to detox, do it right

With research constantly suggesting that juicing and detox cleanses are the future of detoxing our bodies; it comes as no surprise that we no longer need our livers (the organ responsible for detoxifying our blood). “Livers are just too demanding in terms of calories, plus getting rid of our livers reduces our weight by a whopping 3 pounds” says Dr. Phil Juicy.

Skipping breakfast

The body tries to burn calories on its own in the morning but we decide to give it breakfast. Recent research has suggested that skipping breakfast pushes your body to burn fat. “It’s a matter of survival now, the body has to burn excess calories when we skip breakfast, it spikes our metabolism up” Says Kareem Pectoralis, a personal trainer with a rigorous weekend course in nutrition.

Happy April 1st 🙂

Only trust your Registered Dietitian when it comes to nutrition!

Written by: Mohamed Rezk, just another RD


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