10 Commandments for Positive Success

Scenic Route Through the Mountains.

Positive success is one that has to meet 3 important conditions: it benefits you, your soul/mental well-being and your surroundings. Take launching a business as an example, if the business is successful at making money but scams their clients then it is successful but not positive. Positive success is sustainable and brings out the best in you. It also empowers others and elevates standards of success in your niche. Positive success is something we should all strive for because it weeds out negative people who only want to benefit themselves. Here is our top 10 fixes to negative attitudes standing in the way of positive success.

You don’t have time

  • The Truth: Time is the only thing you have. You choose to give time to what is most important to you. Whatever you spend your time doing most is your top priority in life.
  • The Fix: If you make it a priority, you will find the time.

You tell yourself you can’t do it.

  • The Truth: You are subconsciously trying to make yourself feel better in case you fail. Which makes failing an option.
  • The Fix: You can do whatever you set your mind to, you just don’t know how to yet. Put effort into learning how to do it.

You’re afraid to fail.

  • The Truth: The one thing in common between trying + failing and not even trying is that the outcome is the same. The difference between them is that not trying has only one possible outcome. While trying has another possible outcome, succeeding.
  • The Fix: Keep trying until you succeed

You think others are better than you.

  • The Truth: While others might have more advantages than you, they are certainly not better than you. They just work harder with what they have.
  • The Fix: Work harder and only worry about what you have, not what others have.

You’re frequently angry.

  • The Truth: Anger is a sign of a troubled soul. When you’re patient with others you will be patient with your own goals.
  • The Fix: Learn patience instead. You can’t control others but you can control your own thoughts and temper. Patience is one of the key ingredients to success, it will help you work for a long term vision.

You settle for less.

  • The Truth: Settling for less means you accepted not reaching your goal, which is a form of failing. Over time, settling for less will lower your expectations and standards for a successful happy life.
  • The Fix: Always work harder to achieve your full goal. Never settle for less.

You don’t change & grow.

  • The Truth: Failing to change and positively grow means you don’t evolve, life on earth would not be possible without evolution. Successful and charismatic people are constantly finding out the negatives and working to change their attitude to a more positive one.
  • The Fix: Constantly reflect on your life. Grow in a way so that present you is always a better version of past you.

You don’t seek help.

  • The Truth: Finding help is not a sign of weakness. Thinking you can do it all on your own is a weakness and a limitation.
  • The Fix: Find positive people who will help you but always remember to help others out as well.

You’re a complete product of your environment.

  • The Truth: Your environment and society was built by people no different than you. The most successful people will take the positive and leave the negative from their environment .
  • The Fix: Always think outside the box and positively break social habits.

You constantly criticize others.

  • The Truth: Those who constantly criticize and speak ill of others only do so because it helps them feel better about themselves. Its a sign that you are unhappy about something in your life.
  • The Fix: Find the positive in others and you will learn to find the positive in your life. Bring out the best in others and they will bring out the best in you.


Now use all those fixes as stepping stones and slowly climb the ladder to success. See you up there 🙂


Written by: Mohamed Rezk, RD

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